Texas Power Companies

November 19th, 2013

The State of Texas conjures up images of oil and energy. As one of the leading oil-producing areas in the United States, Texas refines and ships oil around the nation and the globe. Increasingly, though, Texas has expanded its horizons to include other types of energy production.

Energy Sources

In addition to the plentiful sources of oil for energy in Texas, hydroelectric power has historically played a major role in providing electricity to homes in the state. The Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) wholesales power to entities around Texas. These entities then sell power service to consumers via Pedernales Electric Co-op, Bandera Electric Co-op, The City of Shiner, Kerrville Public Utility Board, and like organizations. With vast land and diverse resources, Texas quickly embraced the move toward alternate and renewable sources of energy. Currently, Texas is the nation’s front-runner in wind energy production tripling the capacity of Iowa, placing second in wind energy production. Also, biomass and biofuels have captured the imagination and interest of researchers, engineers, and investors in the state.

Population Factor

Depending on the locale, a wide array of companies exists to offer power service in Texas. As would be expected, large areas of population provide the greater selection. For instance, choices for power service in Dallas or Houston number 50 plus offerings and counting. Areas with smaller populations generally lack choice when it comes to purchasing power service. Usually these areas are limited to a single choice as is the case with Fayette Electric Cooperative in La Grange, Texas.

Energy Menus

Where choices for power service exist, a growing menu of rates with related services provide consumers with methods to personalize service from their supplier. Power companies servicing metro areas offer plan type for rates that are fixed, indexed, or variable. Some power companies are beginning to offer boutique-like options for electricity. Green Mountain Energy, Amigo Energy, and TriEagle offer Texans service that is 100 renewable. Compassion Energy and 4Change Energy present charity conscious consumers with the benefit of selecting their service based on integral corporate support of charities.


Conventionally, rates may vary by company, service types, and location. As an example, Spark Energy lists the lowest fixed rate for Houston while TXU Energy lists comparable service for 2.8 cents more. In El Paso, TriEagle supplies power at a low fixed rate for a 12 month plan in comparison with Bounce Energy who offers a rate savings of .01 cent for a plan running 9 months. At the rural end of the scale, consumers in Brownwood or Paris see rates, offered by Reliant and Acacia energy companies, similar to those found in metro areas.

In a state with deregulated, Texans benefit from a broad range of providers for electricity in the best case. A scenario less beneficial exists in some small and rural areas where power service may be offered by only one provider. As the energy market continues to grow and expand, there are many opportunities for companies as well as consumers to participate in the demand for clean and renewable energy and benefit from tax credits offered by companies for solar panels, certain types of digital thermostats, and other products related to power consumption and conservation.

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